2020-2021 important dates  

Spring Break: April 02-09

Last Week of School: May 24-28

Beyond Academics' winter writing contest, The Painted Sentence, investigates our students' creative spirits.


As they engage with The Painted Sentence Gallery, our students embody the art critic as well as the artist in order to win a virtual tour of celebrated artwork at the Guggenheim Museum.

Click here to access The Painted Sentence contest information.

The Guggenheim Lottery Winners from The Painted Sentence contest have been drawn!

Click here to watch the lottery drawings and see the list of winners. 

The Aspiring Artists gallery is finally OPEN! Come and take a look at your peers' artworks. Examine the illustrations, determine which sentence type is depicted and FILL OUT THE FORM to cast your vote.

Our students have begun working on their Frosty Musings posters!  


For our Frosty Musings contest, each student has selected a personal word to implement in 2021, a word that will compassionately trigger for them an impactful reminder of the change they wish to make. These powerful paragraphs make manifest their words.


Click here to look at the contest entries.

Mission Statement

We specialize in writing, reading comprehension, and study skills, with a special focus on teaching 2nd grade through high school students to think for themselves. Branching beyond book boundaries, students engage in activities that build their confidence to explore new possibilities. To us, this is not just a business—it is a method of outreach to our community. In working to support confident and thoughtful self-expression, we hope to touch lives and do our part to cultivate a generation of socially responsible and creative individuals. Beyond Academics provides students direction and instruction that encourages and facilitates independent thought. Our goal is for students to become self-motivated and determined to express a distinct voice.


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