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Summer session begins: Monday, June 22.

Summer session ends: Friday, August 21.

The 2020-2021 school year begins: Tuesday, September 8.

2020-21 registration is opening!

Current Families: August 10

New Families: August 24

The link to access our registration portal will go live and you will be able to register as early as 12pm on that day.

7th Grade 

Bubbly Inventors


8th Grade 

Unrealistic Realtors


Mission Statement

We specialize in writing, reading comprehension, and study skills, with a special focus on teaching 2nd grade through high school students to think for themselves. Branching beyond book boundaries, students engage in activities that build their confidence to explore new possibilities. To us, this is not just a business—it is a method of outreach to our community. In working to support confident and thoughtful self-expression, we hope to touch lives and do our part to cultivate a generation of socially responsible and creative individuals. Beyond Academics provides students direction and instruction that encourages and facilitates independent thought. Our goal is for students to become self-motivated and determined to express a distinct voice.


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Phone (510) 687-1253


43363 Mission Blvd.

Fremont, CA 94539


Mon-Fri 1:30-8:30pm (Sept-May)

Mon-Th 11:30-5:30 (June-July)



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