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Branching Beyond Book Boundaries

Welcome to our school!

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Mission Statement

Branching beyond book boundaries, 2nd grade through high school students engage in writing and reading activities that expand personal awareness and build the confidence to explore innovative expression. We help students discover their personal source of creativity, providing the tools and strategies to clearly express their discoveries. 

vision Statement
  • Our goal is to equip children with the best academic tools, enabling them to flourish as effective communicators.

  • Our goal is to promote the greatness within each individual so that students live authentically, aligned with their life's purpose.

  • Our goal is to sharpen thinking skills, enabling students to analyze data and then test its authenticity by comparing the information with their life values.

  • Our goal is to be a company that serves the community, strengthening its children to think, communicate, and live from a place of joy and harmony.

We specialize in composition writing skills:

  • Plan, write, and revise compositions, including paragraphs and essays

  • Practice and apply grammar skills and descriptive writing techniques

  • Learn and incorporate advanced vocabulary words

Welcome to a new, exciting year of learning at Beyond Academics!

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Contests & Special Events

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Beyond Academics' students have been working on their submissions for several contests.

Click on the gallery you wish to visit in order to look at the contests' entries. Do not forget to vote for your favorites!

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