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As we settle into the new year, we often contemplate. We think about how the last year has treated us, how we have treated it, and we consider a new approach for the year ahead. Our students have thought about what they might wish, what might help, what they might do differently this year. For our Frosty Musings contest, each student has selected a personal word to implement in 2021, a word that will compassionately trigger for them an impactful reminder of the change they wish to make. These powerful paragraphs make manifest their words.


Below you will find entries from all participating students. Click on each poster to enlarge it.

W2 AS Sreehitha Samudrala-01.png
W2 AS Himank Gangwal-01.png
M2 SM Alekhya Tumuluru-01.png
W2 AS Kayal Kumaravel-01.png
W2 AS Nihar-01.png
Shreya Wynene.png
Mohini Anna.png
AS Spencer Lin-01.png
T2 SM Riya Toro-01.png
Satwik Wynene.png
Aditya Wynene.png
Aarav Wynene.png
Yashuj Wynene.png
Eshan Wynene.png
Arnabi Wynene.png
Abhinav Wynene.png
Th3 LZ Prasham Yadothare-01.png
Siri Lily.png
Aarush Wynene.png
Th1 LZ Meera Anand-01.png
F1 LZ Evan Cao-01.png
F2 LZ Yujin Moon-01.png
Anishka Lily.png
F1 LZ Krishna Karthika-01.png
Ishaan Lily.png
Nikhil Lily.png
LZ Amanda Chen-01.png
Navneet Lily.png
Likhita Lily.png
F3 LZ Devika Nair-01.png
F2 LZ Shreshta Parampalli-01.png
Th1 LZ Anushka Parekh-01.png
Shivika Lily.png
F1 LZ Amelia Chen-01.png
TH3 LZ Samay Jain-01.png
Th3 LZ Anish Mathan-01.png
Aditya Lily.png
F3 LZ Pearl Shah-01.png
Th3 LZ Maya Arun-01.png
Chetna Lily.png
Sudhish Lily.png
Namya Liliy.png
TH1 LZ Kara Kellenbarger-01.png
Yashieta Kyria.png
Vidvat Kyria.png
Veer Kyria.png
Vani Kyria.png
Valerie Kyria.png
Sylvia Kyria.png
Vaibhav Kyria.png
Suhaansai Kyria.png
Shravya Kyria.png
Saanvi Kyria.png
Saahithya Kyria.png
Rio Kyria.png
Ram Kyria.png
Prateek Kyria.png
Nirvan Kyria.png
Nidhi Kyria.png
Mihir Kyria.png
Michelle Kyria.png
Kevin Kyria.png
Gia Kyria.png
Eesha Kyria.png
Ethan Kyria.png
Brian Kyria.png
Bhavesh Kyria.png
Arianna Kyria.png
Anvi Kyria.png
Andy Kyria.png
Aneek Kyria.png
Advithi Kyria.png
Aayush Kyria.png
Amogh Kyria.png
Akshaj Kyria.png
Eesha Kyria.png
Ahmed Heatherlie.png
W3 HA Aarav Bhatnagar-01.png
W2 HA Syrine Ben Ayed-01.png
W2 HA Bhavya Mehta-01.png
W2 HA Ashwika Jani-01.png
W1 HA Anjani Lal-01.png
W1 HA Agamjot Singh-01.png
T2 HA Harini Jayaram-01.png
T2 HA Annika Hambali.png
T1 HA Amrutasai Pusapati-01.png
TH3 HA Shardul Marathe-01.png
T1 HA Anay Agrawal-01.png
T1 HA Pranav Kethireddy-01.png
TH3 HA Sathvik Malla-01.png
W3 HA Dhruv-01.png
W1 HA Swayam Rathi-01.png
W3 HA Nikhil Aadapu-01.png
T2 HA Noah Kaleekal-01.png
W2 HA Anay Gupta-01.png
W1 HA Neev Tamboli-01.png
TH2 HA Eric Lan-01.png
W3 HA Abhiram Segu-01.png
TH3 HA Roger Edappily-01.png
W2 HA Haasini Yakkala-01.png
T2 HA Ayesha Godhwani-01.png
T1 HA Kayona Verma-01.png
W1 HA Bhavya Babbellapati-01.png
W1 HA Vamika Tawari-01.png
T2 HA Poorv Patil-01.png
TH2 HA Deetya Trivedi-01.png
TH3 HA Neha-01.png
TH2 HA Nitika Singh-01.png
T2 HA Preeti Polavarapu-01.png
W2 HA Kathryn Liang-01.png
TH2 HA Navya Saravanakumar-01.png
Th2 HA Matthew Luoh-01.png
T2 HA Plato Wong-01.png
W3 HA Vihaan Polisetty-01.png
W1 HA Sarina Zakir-01.png
T2 HA Ojas Rokade-01.png
TH3 HA Utsav Agarwal-01.png
Nethra Chris.png
W1 HA Michelle Hopkins-01.png
TH2 HA Jayant-01.png
Th2 HA Samuel Cheung-01.png
Riddhi GaddamwarChris.png
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