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SUMMER     BOOST     2024

June 24th to July 18th


(no class July 4th)

Online Classes

60 minutes

  • 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

  • 12:10 pm - 1:10 pm

  • 1:40 pm - 2:40 pm

  • 2:50 pm - 3:50 pm

  • 4:00 pm - 5:00pm

International Students Only:

  • 7:30 PM PT

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Boost Reading Comprehension

Practice Applying Response-to-Literature Techniques

Get your kids READING, THINKING,

and WRITING this summer!



  • Level I (4th-5th Grade)

  • Level II (6th-8th Grade)

Your child will attend according to their grade level in August of 2024.


  • Boosting reading comprehension

  • Applying Response-to-Literature techniques

  • Deciphering a story's themes and morals 

  • Writing the claim for a book report or Response to Literature composition

  • Using a story's themes to write a plot summary

  • Learning writing formulas that help your child write effective introductory paragraphs for book reports

And other response-to-literature aspects!

We will adapt our aim and speed according to the needs of your child!


Program Option #1:
Portal Beyond Access: Summer Reading and Writing Program
$400 for six weeks of access (does not include live classes)

Program Option #2:

Live Online Class Sessions Sessions
$65.00 per class, 15 total (does not include Portal Beyond access)

Program Option #3 (BEST VALUE & MORE GUIDANCE):
Beyond Portal Program & Live Class Sessions
$250 for six weeks of access
$55.00 per class, 15 total

  • A deposit is required for each child’s placement.

  • Your deposit holds a space for summer session and is applied to the first 4 classes.

  • Classes are held Monday-Thursday.

  • A deposit refund is available; however, the last day for a deposit refund is Thursday, June 6th.

  • The full tuition amount is due Thursday, June 13th.

  • No make-up classes are assigned during the summer session.

  • There are no refunds after classes have begun.


Please email our office to receive an ACCESS PASSWORD. In order to provide you with the correct password, we will need to know 1) the grade your child will attend in August, 2) the time session you wish to register for, and 3) the tutoring option you are choosing:  one, two, or three students in a class.


New families: Please email a copy of your child’s most recent report card to An official school report card is required to process your enrollment. The enrollment process cannot proceed without a report card.

Register Now



  • A class will not fully open until at least 2 students are registered.

  • We will confirm all opened summer classes during the first week of June; if you have successfully registered, you will receive this confirmation.

  • We will announce the first week of June if any additional classes have opened.

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