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7th Graders have begun working on their

Wintry Hush Posters!

Our 7th grade students will be engaging

in a winter-writing contest, entitled "Wintry Hush."

This contest encourages students to create figurative language

in the form of a "Double-Scoop" adjective. 

In addition to the creative writing in the form of the Double-Scoop adjective,

students will also be creating accompanying artwork.

Please Note: Although the term "Double-Scoop" is a Beyond Academics' creation,

the actual technique is frequently used by authors.

This writing tactic simply did not have a designated name—so we created one.


click here to look at the contest entries.

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8th Graders have begun working on their

Frosty Musings Posters!

Rather than writing a  New Year's resolution, students will select a particular verb to utilize as an impetus to change.

The verb will be a personal reminder of the new direction they wish to take in their lives this new year.

They will then write a descriptive explanation of how the word will impact the positive change they seek in 2020.

This descriptive paragraph will include the techniques taught this fall. 

Please Note: While some of the contest participation will be conducted in class,

it is our hope that students continue engaging with their entries at home. 

click here to look at the contest entries.

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Check our hallways for the opportunity to

vote on these student creations.

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