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A Time-Limited Free Gift

Dear Beyond Academics Families,


Introducing a special opportunity for personalized assistance with school writing assignments. Our seasoned teachers, boasting years of experience in guiding young minds through the art of academic composition, will lead these sessions.


Register One Session at a time or Register for Multiple Sessions Offered—IT'S YOUR CHOICE!


School writing support will be available at different intervals throughout the academic year. Students have the flexibility to participate in a session for a single week or multiple weeks. To join, kindly register for a support session at least two days before the scheduled meeting time (refer to registration details below).


Seeing children succeed is personally fulfilling. Frankly, teaching the skills your child is currently receiving in class and then showing the students how to apply the skills to their personal school work is how Beyond Academics evolved as an institution.


Our aim is your child's ability to apply the writing tactics taught in class. At times, certain students need a little personal encouragement in this area. Writing—going from a blank page to a first draft—is a challenge that requires courage, even for the most gifted author. It is not an easy task. Although our Beyond teachers are trained to discuss how students can apply the writing tactics taught, sometimes a student needs a little prodding to do so.


These sessions are free of charge for a limited time. In addition, class size is small and space is limited. 


  • Review the instructions your child has received from the school teacher, bringing clarity to the assignment's goal.  We are helping students with their WRITING assignments: paragraphs, essays, reports, stories, poetry, etc.

  • Help your child structure and organize the composition.

  • Encourage your child to apply the techniques taught in class.

  • Guide students as they apply particular writing techniques.

Please Know: The writing for these assignments must be your child's work. We will not correct every error we see. We are also unable to complete entire projects or promise that a certain grade will be received. We do promise to help, guide, and encourage your child. 

Participate in one or more school-help sessions at your convenience, or join us each week as needed by sharing details about the writing assignment. Providing information in advance enhances our ability to assist your child effectively. The more insights we have beforehand, the better we can support your child's learning journey.

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