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Premise Video

The Sticky Gooey Mystery Premise Video

The Sticky Gooey Mystery Directions

Sticky Directions
  • Make sure you have registered all the informations presented on the website: the premise video, the ransom note and the suspects gallery.

  • Come to Beyond Academics on Saturday, May 22 to solve the case.

  • Parents, please sign the waiver and have it ready to show our staff on Prize Pickup Day: Saturday, May 22.

  • Please wear a mask and maintain social distancing.

  • At the Starting Booth, pick up a tracking sheet. You will use this to earn points by taking notes and filling out the Sticky Gooey paragraph.

  • From the first clue given at the school, you will choose which path to take.

  • You will receive a QR code that will provide a clue, the location of the next clue, and instructions on how to find the next QR code once you arrive at the correct spot.

  • This Treasure Hunt will take place on Mission Boulevard; be alert and you just might find a coupon for a treat that you can redeem at a local store during the game.

  • Take notes, and answer the questions for each clue to earn points.

  • Once you have located all the clues, fill out your paragraph, and submit it at the Cracked The Case table to earn even more points.

  • You will be able to spend those points (in addition to any points you won today) at the Sticky Gooey Prize table. 

  • While you wait in line, play games to earn additional points.

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