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Beyond Academics Students Win a Tour of the Guggenheim by Entering The Painted Sentence Contest


Student word-crafting turns to prize-winning artistry


Art captures the eye. Art magnifies the message. Art expands the mind. And these truths certainly framed the experience for Beyond Academic students who engaged in this year's writing contest: The Painted Sentence—an artistic writing challenge wherein students were to brush past the confines of academic structures and innovate a message  illustrated through words, colors, and shapes. The contest's first challenge had students analyzing a rendition of modern artwork which used symbols to convey a specific sentence type, developing critical-thinking skills, an awareness of detail, and an expanded understanding of various sentence structures. Then, our student art critics picked up their own pens, paints, and brushes and took on the role of the artist, meeting the next contest challenge: to illustrate a selected sentence type through symbols, shapes, and color. Student artwork was exhibited in our online museum: The Painted Sentence. Lastly, students utilized the very sentence structures they studied by writing a guide for the viewers of their artwork, helping fellow art lovers to see the patterns within their painting and decipher the message conveyed. The numerous challenges that comprised this contest encouraged students to conjoin their creative and critical-thinking skills. Those who participated deepened their artistic knowhow, expanding the artistry of their writing and intensifying the vibrancy of their craft.


The paint had barely dried and it was time for contest participants to zoom online, travelling to the world-renowned Guggenheim Museum for an exclusive virtual tour led by one of the museum's art curators. Our teachers who accompanied students during the online field trip report that our Beyond students were fully engaged, asking insightful questions and contributing thought-provoking comments. "You would have been proud of the students," one teacher, Ms. Wynene, told the administration, "They made the school look good!" The teacher enthused, her voice rising with fervor. Another Beyond teacher shared: "What a rich experience!" As students viewed famous artwork within the museum, the curator shared the story behind selected paintings and trained students to take in the finer details exhibited within the work. We delight in knowing our students' perceptions were both expanded and enriched. At the end of the tour, the curator at the Guggenheim commented with distinction on the critical and creative capacity of our Beyond Academics' students. Beyond Academics is proud of each participant; we look forward to providing more enriching opportunities for our students that enable them to stretch their imaginations and refine their critical thinking and writing skills.  Will you join the mindful evolution and participate in the next Beyond Academics’ Writing Contest? 

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