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Promotion Pages

As a reward for their class participation and effort, students are given what we call "coins." These earnings are tracked at the end of each class on documents called Promotion Pages. Students earn prizes upon reaching benchmarks on the Promotion Pages. The following procedures involve you, the parent:


1. Once students near the end of a Promotion Page, they must complete a study sheet (which can also be found below and also in the office lobby). This study sheet prepares them for the test that they must pass before reaching the end of the Promotion Page. There is no fee for this test.


2. Once a student has completed the study sheet and feels prepared to take the test, parents schedule a testing time with the front desk (the tests usually take no more than 30 minutes to complete). Students are welcome to come to school early or stay late to take this test, but parents must make these arrangements with the front desk. Students must remember to bring their completed study sheet (with a parent's signature) to their test appointment or their test will have to be rescheduled.


3. Students who pass the test are presented with a trophy or a medal at one of our Award Ceremonies. They are also then able to move on to the next Promotion Page and continue earning rewards for their hard work.




                                                                        Click below to download Study Sheets.


                                                                        Study Sheet 1: Cosmic Commander

                                                                        Study Sheet 2: Keeper of the Realm

                                                                        Study Sheet 3: Rabble-Rousing Ringleader

                                                                        Study Sheet 4: Triumphant Treasure Trove Trekker

                                                                        Study Sheet 5: Scintillating Sorcerer



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