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We would like to congratulate the winners of our Bubbly Inventors contest for 7th grade and our Unrealistic Realtors contest for 8th grade.  Thank you to all of our 7th and 8th grade writers for their diligent efforts!  We also appreciate our parents, our student body, and our staff; thank you for taking the time to read the entries and cast your votes.

Bubbly Inventors Posters

7th Grade

3rd place TIE:

Muzainah Uddin—The Einsteininator

Michelle Wang—Cat Cuteness Refresher

2nd place TIE:

Kamya Kainth—Sappy Fizz

Thaarak Sriram—Umami Tsunami

1st place TIE:

Brian Qian—Emerald Elixir

Ashwika Jani—Shifter's Essence

3rd place TIE:

Nicholas Jiang—402 Flexible Farm

Ritvikka Sureshkumar—Adrenaline Palace

2nd place TIE:

Ira Deokule—5469 CozyBlue Terrace

Nikhila Pasam—37219 Stellar Boulevard

1st place:

Sarah Suresh—2046 Wonderland Avenue

Unrealistic Realtors Posters

8th Grade

Updated 1/29/21

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