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Gradient Ocean



Congratulations to our Fencing Club—1st place winners in the Plunge and Poke Fishbowl Competition! 

Mission Statement

Beyond Brine Academy is a premier institution with the highest tide of educational standards. All teachers are top-fin experts with a shiny-scale knowhow. Providing the saltiest elective classes offered beneath the sea, Beyond Brine creates learning experiences worth savoring. We are a school where students gain a treasure trove of memories and a network of relationships that will current them throughout life.


At Beyond Brine, students discover, think, and evolve, growing into the leaders they are meant to be, leaders with the sharpest teeth, the pinchiest claws, the speediest fishtails. Whether vertebrate or invertebrate, whether exoskeletal fashioned or of fishbone design—all students are stretched to their highest potential. In a turtleshell, students become the briny-best them they can be.


Beyond Brine is committed to developing lifelong critical, creative thinkers who can plunge into problems and tide-pool the details until solutions are found. Our curriculum provides opportunities for all students to extend their abilities and to apply what they know to the oceanic world in which they live, preparing them for life in this complex, temperature-changing ocean. 


Diving further, to even greater depths of life training, our multicultural school of aquatic learners teaches students the art of diplomacy, helping students to see the treasure within each individual, be they manta ray, sheta shay, or rainbow they. No student is labeled or limited at Beyond Brine: You need not be a hatchetfish to carve driftwood, a sturgeon to become a surgeon, a snapper or sea bass to be a musician. We are a school unhooked to societal expectations. We work toward a peaceful, nature-loving oceanic world wherein creatures gnaw and nosh each other with care and dignity.


Beyond Brine Academy is a school training all to

know the meaning of fin-esse!

Required Courses

Science and the Sea, taught by Professor Mussel

Electric Essays, taught by Professor Eelington

Mathematics, taught by Mr. Grey Waters

Dogfish-Catfish Communication, taught by Professor Grouper 

Hatcheries, taught by Dr. Guppy (males and females meet separately)

Mapping the Ocean, taught by Professor Flounder 

Music Appreciation, taught by Ms. Snapper Tuna

Be the Predator NOT the Prey, taught by Professor Swordfish

How to Hide, taught by Professor Polyp


Herring Hat-Making, taught by Professor Hatchetfish

Fashion Design, taught by Professor Needlefish

Gills and Your Health, taught by Professor Lungfish

Student Choir, conducted by Professor Scale

The Thespians, led by the ever-talented Megamouth Shark

Rainbow Trout Club, a non-gender specific group meeting

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